SEGNamouche offers you an online purchase service that allows you to buy the articles that we offer from your computer / device.
In the points below, you can consult the general conditions of sale that regulate the purchase of SEGNamouche products through the website. In this sense, the use of the website constitutes your agreement with these general conditions of sale. If you have any questions about them, you can contact us, in the online chat service or through the email Note that we can change / update these Terms and Conditions, without being advised.


We are SEGNamouche and we operate the website. We are a company registered in Portugal and headquartered at  Rua Bentsegnamouch.como de Almeida, 14, Alcácer do Sal , with Tax ID Number 128035854.


a) Availability of the Service

When making an order or purchase at , it guarantees to be over 18 years.

Individuals residing outside these countries will only be able to use the online purchase service of the website when the address for sending the request is in one of the countries or       territories mentioned above.

b) Purchase Guarantees

  1. The articles available on the website are a selection of products and meet the same quality  and guarantee requirements as the products offered for sale at SEGNamouche  physical   

  2.  Each product is described as follows:

Article Name
Image (s) from article
Item Description
Relevant measures
Sizes (when applicable)
Colors Available ***
Washing instructions
Price (in the corresponding currency)

*** The color of the items may vary depending on the quality of the monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions. The colors are orientative, and there may be slight differences. Consequently, SEGNamouche  can not guarantee that the colors appearing on your monitor are identical to the actual ones.

SEGNamouche  makes every effort to make the information contained on the website complete and correct. If there is an error in the data presented, SEGNamouche  will correct it immediately and thank you, if you notice any irregularities, please contact us at

c) Purchase Procedure

The items you wish to purchase must be selected and added to the shopping basket / cart by clicking on the corresponding icon.
The shopping basket / cart will contain the name and reference of the selected item, the size (when applicable), the chosen color and the price in the corresponding currency (taxes included). The indicated price does not include the transport, whose fares will vary depending on the selected shipping method. Once the purchase order has been completed and before confirming it, the user will be presented with a summary of the order, identifying the purchased item, its total price (transport and taxes included) with each of the itemized items and the order confirmation data, so that the user can confirm it by clicking on the “Confirm Payment” button.

d) Personal Information

In order to make the purchase, we will ask for the personal data of the user, which will be incorporated into our database in order to be able to process the request and facilitate the making of new purchases through the website. The personal data provided by the users will be treated according to what is established in our Privacy Policy.

SEGNamouche  guarantees that the data provided by customers will not be shared with third parties or companies. The user may access, at any time, the personal data provided and the information of the requests made. SEGNamouche  reminds users that personal data must be accurately indicated to avoid confusion or incidences in the delivery of the purchased item (s).

e) Product Availability

  1. All orders are subject to article availability. If, at the time of order submission, we find that there is no stock in our warehouse of any of the items included in it, SEGNamouche  will attempt to locate the product. If this is not possible, the customer will be informed In addition, the value of the item charged and not sent will be refunded to the customer within 7 days by the same payment method used for the purchase.

f) Right not to accept an Order

SEGNamouche may cancel any order or accept a request already confirmed for the following reasons:

In case of a technical error and / or a typographical error in the prices or the rest of the data of the products that are in the web page when making the order.
Due to lack of availability
When security systems indicate that the request may be fraudulent.
If there are reasons that indicate that the user is a minor.

In case SEGNamouche  can not deliver the order to the address provided.

SEGNamouche  will refund in full the amounts that have already been paid


a) Payment and Currency

Prices on the website are shown in Euros.

SEGNamouche  gives its users the possibility to select the country of destination when they start their purchase, so that they can see the prices of the articles with the corresponding taxes included. If the customer subsequently changes the delivery address and changes the  country of destination, the prices shown in the final order summary may change.

b) Value Added Tax

In accordance with current legislation, sales will be subject to VAT, and the VAT will be applied in the Member State in which the goods are delivered.

Under the legislation, where the acquirer is a taxable person in an EC Member State, he            could apply the reverse charge mechanism subject to compliance with the requirements laid    down by law. In this case, the operation will be exempt, applying the rule of “reverse    charge” on the part of the client.

c) Forms of Payment

SEGNamouche  will only accept payments made through:

Credit Card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express
In case the payment method selected by the user is a credit or debit card, the debit will be          made online, that is, in real time, through the payment gateway of the corresponding    financial entity, once it has been confirmed that the data are correct.

PayPal – it is free to create a PayPal account and this one allows you to send immediate             payments using your credit card. For all information, go to the official PayPal website   

PayPal express payment
Customers can link their Paypal account with that of SEGNamouche . This way, you will not     need to re-enter the data, whenever you make a purchase through this system.

MULTIBANCO / Bank Transfer
The customer will have a period of 2 days, from the date he made his request, to make the payment, which can be done in the ATM Network or in your Homebanking. The order will          not be considered accepted until it is effectively confirmed that SEGNamouche  received the     payment, which should take 1 business day. If, after the indicated deadline, SEGNamouche          has not received the corresponding amount, the order will be canceled.                                                                    Other forms of payment other than those specifically provided for in these conditions of sale will not be accepted.
Once the transaction has been confirmed, the order number will be communicated through the website itself, so that the user can follow up at any time and from the computer.
An automatic order confirmation email will also be sent to the address indicated by the user, with a description of the request and the personal data provided for the acknowledgment. If you do not receive this message, it may be due to a transient network communications problem or some typing error of the provided e-mail address. In both cases, SEGNamouche advises the user to contact Customer Support.
In any case, your order will only be sent after confirmation of receipt of the respective payment.
The user will also be notified, by electronic mail, when the product is sent.

d) Purchase Limit

SEGNamouche  does not limit the value of buying SEGNamouche  products

e) Promotions

Special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the date indicated or until stocks        end. Vouchers can not be used in any type of promotions.

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Please see our Exchange and / or Returns Policy